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St. George’s School deeply apologizes for the harm done to alumni by former employees and former students of the school.  We also apologize that the way in which the school addressed these incidents has served to compound this harm.

We recognize the long-lasting impact of sexual abuse and are dedicated to working with survivors to aid them in healing from its painful aftermath.  To that end, the School has authorized reimbursement for counseling for survivors.  There is no set limit on the number of counseling sessions available to survivors, and reimbursement will be made on a renewable basis.  We have also committed to an independent investigation to learn about any and every instance of sexual abuse and are cooperating with law enforcement as they perform their own investigation.

St. George’s School is committed to establishing and adhering to best practices and policies to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for all of its students.  All employees undergo criminal background checks, reference checks, and careful screening throughout the hiring process.  In recent years, the School has required all employees to participate in training on boundary issues and mandatory reporting requirements, and students have been engaged in a series of conversations concerning sexual assault.  Finally, the policy manuals for faculty, staff and students undergo regular comprehensive reviews to update and enhance our policies and language related to sexual abuse prevention and reporting.

We hope that you will continue to visit this site for updates and information, and that you will join us in seeking truth and healing for the entire St. George’s community.