Joint Statement of St. George’s School and Survivors on Settlement of Claims Against School for Past Sexual Abuse

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Middletown, R.I. – August 3, 2016 – St. George’s School and alumni with claims of sexual abuse that occurred while attending St. George’s announced today agreed-upon terms for providing compensation for up to 30 survivors. The agreement was reached using a jointly selected mediator, Paul Finn, who has substantial experience resolving claims of past sexual abuse. Mr. Finn will oversee the determination of individual awards to be made by the School to these survivors.

Leslie Heaney, Chair of the St. George’s Board of Trustees said, “It is our sincere hope that this agreed resolution will assist our survivors as they move forward towards healing. We look forward to continuing to work with our survivor community so that the lessons learned can ensure the safety of our current and future generations of St. George’s students.”

Eric MacLeish, who together with Carmen Durso was counsel for the claimants, stated, “St. George’s Board of Trustees has taken a major step forward in today’s announcement. While no amount of money can make victims whole, today’s settlement says to survivors: ‘This was not your fault, it affected your life in profound ways, it happened at our school, and we are truly sorry for what you have lost.’”

Anne Scott, a survivor representative who attended the mediation, stated, “St. George’s has done something meaningful and important for survivors. We are deeply grateful to the Board of Trustees for their leadership and compassion. It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to receive this kind of validation and support, after all these years. Our spirits are renewed on our forward healing journey.”

Suzanne McGrady
Director of Communications St. George’s School
(401) 842-6792

Roderick MacLeish
Counsel for Claimants
Of Counsel
Clark, Hunt, Ahern & Embry (617) 494-1920

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